In less than 30 seconds, answer the question: What do you do?

If you lead the organization, you probably answered well. Now, ask that question to the next 10 people who pass your door. When you do, expect 10 different answers, none as motivating as yours. Until everyone in your organization can articulate your Value Proposition, you are missing opportunities: When all the oars pull in the same direction, you go farther, faster.

Your Value Proposition tells the world how your products or services are special and why to do business with you--in just a few words. It is the verbal bridge connecting what you sell to what your audience wants to buy. CMP Services has developed Value Propositions for organizations large and small--from local nonprofits to national-scale manufacturers and most everything in between. We follow an efficient, well-honed process for uncovering the nine essential elements your Value Proposition must have. We then distill those into a memorable 30-second pitch.

With the Value Proposition set, your employees will know exactly who the company is, what it does, and how it works--and so will your clients, prospects and partners. This simple tool will empower everyone in your organization to develop new business relationships, quickly and simply. Moreover, you will have a core benefit-driven message on which to build sales, marketing, recruiting and other critical communications.

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